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governing the use of vehicles by the public. jensens nearly here. it will be exciting to see those on the road. >> the trend turned around during thursday and will head into the next work week. upper '40's and novato and santa rosa 29 out the door in vallejo and pretty chilly start to the morning. a second look at where those numbers are expected to go into the afternoon. by lunchtime 60s along the coastline here the majority of us will be in the '70s holding on to the '80s and places like concord and livermore. by 3:00 p.m. we will see much more in the way of warmth on your screen. pretty nice comfortable level conditions around the bay area. 75 degrees 784 sunnyvale and santa clara. 85 fairfield pittsburgh and walnut creek. as we turn our attention to the north bay upper seventies low 80s here 64 in san francisco and looks like ocean beach coming in at 61 degrees. i do want to turn our attention to a quick ahead and version of your extended forecast. low 90s inland and '60s for the coast. temperatures could get warmer transitioning into this week in more news from that and your 7
are calling for a state hearing to explore government efforts to prevent future fires. that inflammation that has emerged about the refinery fire shows that more help protectors are needed. their attendance figure out if additional legislation is needed to improve safety. >> victims are getting hurt when they hand over their goods of being dropped. unfolded following a robbery in pacific heights one of the suspects in a gray mercedes s u p with a backpack off of a woman while she was walking down the street inside there was a tablet the victim wrote down the license plates and help the police track down the suspect. >> police said they are concerned that there will be more victims even as they try and cap crack down on this particular crime. >> earlier this week there were several reports of the victims getting their cell phones and other electronic devices i stolen. not is ripped from there has been several cases if the suspects beat their victim's one was knocked unconscious despite handing the phone over. >> ec robbers were they are using force a gun, a knife. >> since the beginning o
in my life. >> and payne >> an attempt to pack in on classified government network. no information was stolen but they discovered that it was chinese hackers that gained access to the network with in the white house military. this happened when a staffer opened an e-mail. this type is fairly common and there are measures in place to isolate the incident. and protect any sensitive information. coming up. we have your headlines and the golden gate bridge. we are looking at clear conditions. practically a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday. we will get the latest with erica. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> i guess it is safe to say that it is this is totally a different meaning. and i would not pay to see this. and i am just saying welcome to ocean beach in san francisco. if you want your dog to required to have your dog on a leash. you can only let your dog off a leash from the month of may to the month of july. however, for the most part he must be on a leash. that is because you allowed your friends to bury your friends in the sand but do not worr
laws that govern. they're looking for the first testing of technology to happen by january 1st of 2015. they have to make it cheaper than hiring a driver. either way if you compare your makeup on on the way to work item for it. governor brown pulled up to the press conference in that car. >> let's take a look outside taking a look--let's give a look at what we face today when the sun comes out hi erica >> good morning doria. later when the sun comes up expect similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. pleasant and comfortable not too hot. as we take a look at current conditions 50s across the board. we are seeing 50 degrees out the door in downtown san francisco. before working up and said monday in oakland it looks like images are a little bit warmer compared to where there were 24 hours ago. and your satellite's radar picture shows cloud cover blanketing the majority of the bay area. you conceive visibility impacted in concord 7 mi. visibility over in livermore and for those of you driving along the five 84 mi. for half moon bay. checkout santa rosa. drive with extra caution and mi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4